fabrique au chine meaning and definition

fabrique au chine meaning

(pron. /fa'bri:k oʊ shi:n/) Literally, "made in China" in French. Used as a humourous euphemism for cheap, imported goods of questionable quality.

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Fabris meaning and definition

An extremly competitive evil person who takes pleasure in watching people fail and suffer.

Fabrischendo meaning and definition

derived from the words "fabulous" and creschendo, fabrischendo are those things that you see in front of houses that you are capable of walking on. it means, faulous risers. they are usually made of bricks.

fabrish meaning and definition

To create, make, fabricate, etc...

Fabritising meaning and definition

false or fabricated advertising

Fabritizing meaning and definition

Fake and Fabricated Advertising. Willful, calculated, deceitful and purposeful advertising that is either an outright lie or a blatant misprepresentation of the facts, meant to manipulate, impede, sway, convince or otherwise misinform the public at large.Politicians do this habitually, especially during times of election. Large corporations, such as pharmaceuticals and oil companies, do this as well, when public opinion turns against them.


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