fabulous meaning and definition

fabulous meaning

the ultimate complient in the gay community.

fabulous meaning

The ultimate expression of enthusiasm and joy. Characterized by wonder, adoration, inspiration, exhaltation, and love.

fabulous meaning

The gay (homosexual) mating call.

fabulous meaning

incredible. amazing. spectacular.

fabulous meaning

A certain quality that exudes all others. Someone who is truely fabulous has confidence, kindness, sexiness, and a good wardrobe.

fabulous meaning

beyond all description of wonder, delight, desire, love, sunrise, ice cream, music, dancing, anger, awe, adoration, change, cycles, sensationalism, scandal, inspiration, optimism, color, hunger, satisfaction, silence, noise, sleep, holding, letting go, breaking down, passion, hope, transformation, breath, breakfast, closing your eyes, touching, tasting, feeling, being.

fabulous meaning

of an incredible, astonishing, or exaggerated nature Continulously overused by people trying to sound of a higher class and the homosexual population; to the point that the meaning is not as strong as it once was.

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Fabulous 5 meaning and definition

A group of five no good hoodlums, who enjoy getting krunked, beasting, and partying! The members of the Fab 5 include: Mike Ngo - The King of Mag Kyle Kicks - The Prince of Mag Pat Mitchell - The Champ Tim Nguyen - The Beast Shayne Trudell - TKO

fabulousa meaning and definition

when something is more than fabulous, over the top amazing.

FabulousBoing meaning and definition

Another word for a gay erection, usually used in the homosexual community or confused little children. Usually used by non-English speaking boys who do not know what fabulous and boing mean before they search urban dictionary.

Fabulouser meaning and definition

When you are fabulous but a loser at the same time, just like you.

fabulous faggot backhand-snap meaning and definition

A way to snap the fingers where, at the beginning of the snap, your hand is directly in front of you and, by the end of the snap, your hand has been swung (or 'waved') toward the outside. (For example, the right hand is swung toward the right). The swing and snap are simultaneous. Sometimes (usually?) done the the other hand placed on the hip. This snap is done particularly well by gay people. Thus the name. NOTE: not usually a snap used to accompany music but rather, to emphasize a point.


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