facadomy meaning and definition

facadomy meaning

(fasa-do-me) During intercourse, when the male purposefully attempts to penetrate the female anus without her knowing or consent. The result usually ends up with the female "directing" the male back to the female's vagina.

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facadual meaning and definition

Of or pertaining to a facade or the nature of facade.

Facaf meaning and definition

This is the informal way of saying the words "Fuck Off" It can be used in pretty much any situation. Also you spell it the same backwards.

fa cai meaning and definition

A person who is generally, but not limited to, a faggit, a douchebag, or in very simplistic language, a shady mofo.

FACAK meaning and definition

Something too messed to have a definition and makes no sense...WHAT THE FACK DOES THIS THING MEAN

facal meaning and definition

Someone who is original in the sense taht they come up with their own ideas and and therefore are really cool!


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