facarpetride meaning and definition

facarpetride meaning

to give someone a magic carpet ride by means of the face

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facarta meaning and definition

1. What an idiot says at random times to make their mum piss themselves. Generally funnier with a weird Italian accent.2. How my sister says focaccia.

facarzo meaning and definition

someone who thinks there cool and can get what ever they want because they got some cool toys and that they try to pull the asshole/alpha roll with guys and girls but in reality there inconfident with them selves, have many flaws and cant defend himself what so ever if called out upon.

Facatcha meaning and definition

noun (fuh-CAH-chuh) 1. No set definition. Used in place of any cuss or slang word that is a noun.

faccent meaning and definition

a fake accent >>> fa-ccent >>> faccent

facciagul meaning and definition

1. Italian expression for assface 2. exclamation directed towards someone who acts like a schmuck or a nincompoop


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