faccent meaning and definition

faccent meaning

a fake accent >>> fa-ccent >>> faccent

faccent meaning

A fat person accent, usually implies an out of breath state at the end of sentences.

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facciagul meaning and definition

1. Italian expression for assface 2. exclamation directed towards someone who acts like a schmuck or a nincompoop

----face meaning and definition

to face a blunt. to smoke a blunt of marijuana by yourself.

Facebook Boob-job meaning and definition

The act of taking a profile picture from an angle which gives the illusion of larger breasteses. Also, angling the picture in such a way that it hides the beer belly beneath the boobs.

Facebook Cleavage Search meaning and definition

Verb. The activity of purposely looking at facebook albums to find pictures of cleavage. Typically found in pictures from a club night, beach vacation, or pool party. This activity usual just leads to looking up porn.

Facebook cock blocking meaning and definition

When one interrupts a 2 person comment chain on a Facebook status update, picture, etc. Typically, the original commenters will start a nice, engaging conversation, and then the "blocker" will barge in with a totally unrelated comment, thus disturbing the flow, and consequently delaying your chances of scoring with the hot chick that's totally interested in what you're doing for the weekend...


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