facebook concern meaning and definition

facebook concern meaning

When you're so concerned about something you Facebook it but not concerned enough to do anything about it in real life.

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facebook construct meaning and definition

Writing a sentence beginning with the words "name is" and then changing to a different sentence completely, such as the way you used to do on statuses on Facebook.

facebook crackhead meaning and definition

1. A Facebook user who has to check his/her Facebook so much, it gets in the way of their personal life. 2. A Facebook user who uses their profile as a public journal for their minute by minute feelings/actions.

Facebook Credits meaning and definition

When you comment or like someone's statuses or photos, so that they will comment on your future posts.

Facebook Dick Rider meaning and definition

Someone who always comments on your facebook status, photos, posts, if theyre in a relationship, who confirmed their friend request. These people also always chat with the victim and they are the ones who start the conversation. These are the type of people who would write on another person's wall just to reply to the one you posted on their wall. See: Dick Rider, Kiss Ass, Kiss Up, and Suck Up.

facebooker meaning and definition

Cool person who realizes MySpace sucks and just wants web presence to keep in touch with friends.


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