facebook gang rape meaning and definition

facebook gang rape meaning

When some one learns a facebook user's password and instead of just facebook raping them, tells others said password resulting in a multiple rapes by different people

facebook gang rape meaning

When someone opens his or her Facebook page just to check for notifications, and a barrage of people start chatting them. Can be quite annoying, especially if the one getting Facebook gang-raped was in the middle of watching a video on YouTube.

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Facebook Mindfuck meaning and definition

When you see a status, that simply mind fucks the shit out of you. Literally like you may catch aids without protection.

Facebook-Photoshoot meaning and definition

A Facebook-Photoshoot (commonly known as F-P's):For a facebook album/series of profile pictures to be considered as a F-P it must consist of at least 3 pictures with 2 or more of the same people in the same place in different poses. These pictures are usually taken by one of the people included in the picture, rather then having someone else take the picture.

Facebook Surfing meaning and definition

Verb. Clicking on a friend's profile and then clicking on profiles under the mutual friends section to find out information about random friends. Usually happens when one is bored on a Friday night.

facebook valley girl meaning and definition

Someone who is on facebook constantly but says nothing and like, likes a lot. AKA a fbvg

Face claim meaning and definition

Also faceclaim, or "claim one's face". An unorthodox way of saying that two people are making out, kissing, or the like. Similar to "claiming" someone with a hickey on the neck, just redirected a bit northwise.


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