facebook valley girl meaning and definition

facebook valley girl meaning

Someone who is on facebook constantly but says nothing and like, likes a lot. AKA a fbvg

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Face claim meaning and definition

Also faceclaim, or "claim one's face". An unorthodox way of saying that two people are making out, kissing, or the like. Similar to "claiming" someone with a hickey on the neck, just redirected a bit northwise.

face first meaning and definition

The best ska band of all time from New Jersey who used to have a t-shirt that said "We didnt go emo so neither should you." But dropped the horns and went emo.

face fuck meaning and definition

When a dude fucks your face when your blowing him

face off meaning and definition

To compulsively run your fingers down another persons face in the creepy style of Nicolas Cage/John Travolta in Face/Off.

facepalm meaning and definition

When someone is so stupid that it makes you speechless, and the only thing you can do is shake your head or facepalm.


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