facepalm bodyslam meaning and definition

facepalm bodyslam meaning

When you put your entire hand over a little kids face and then use the least amount of your strength to push their face off of your hand, sending their body into a soft service (couch, pillow, pile of squish, etc...)

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Faceplame meaning and definition

A fail so hard it sent your brain into spasms causing you to mispell facepalm

face plant meaning and definition

Act of hitting the ground face-first; a term generally used by participants in extreme sports.

Faceplant Dance meaning and definition

A SEVERE beatdown, usually involving a trip to the dentist afterwards...

faceplate meaning and definition

The front part of portable eletronics like cell phones and portable video games.

faceplease meaning and definition

when everything you ever do on facebook is aimed to please a certain friend/group of friends, whom you hardly know.


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