faceplate meaning and definition

faceplate meaning

The front part of portable eletronics like cell phones and portable video games.

faceplate meaning

in the world of music royalties, means facilitate.

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faceplease meaning and definition

when everything you ever do on facebook is aimed to please a certain friend/group of friends, whom you hardly know.

Faceploitation meaning and definition

The act of exploiting tragedies on Facebook to earn "Likes", or to come across as a compassionate person.

Face Pussy meaning and definition

The act of enjoying a well deserved meal; Eating heartily

face reveal meaning and definition

When a person on YouTube shows their face for the first time ever

face sitting meaning and definition

When a woman sits on her partner's face as an act of domination, with one or more of three possible goals: 1. Smothering, breathplay; 2. Scentplay, forced to smell; 3. Forced oral sex. For 1&2, the sitter may be in any stage of undress. For example, either fully clothed, in panty hose panties or nude. For 3, most often nude. It is not uncommon for the sitee to be bound or movement restricted in some way.


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