fake smile meaning and definition

fake smile meaning

The kind of smile you give when you see someone you strongly dislike (i.e. a raging whore or someone's creepy boyfriend).

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faking it meaning and definition

Used when referring to someone who has used fake tan to give others the impression she looks good.

fakku meaning and definition

Japanization of the word 'fuck', might also refer to a popular website that hosts hentai doujin and videos

Fakly Delicious meaning and definition

Food that isn't real but sure is delicious. Fake + Delicious = Fakly Delicious

Fakn Bakn meaning and definition

Fakn Bakn is when a person acts high even though he is not high when he is with friends who are high.

fakof meaning and definition

Fakof is another word for "fuck off". It's pronounced very quickly and it's used if: - someone is annoying you - someone dissapointed you - someone is making fun of you


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