fappity fap fap meaning and definition

fappity fap fap meaning

To masturbate extremely fast. This term can only be used with a male. Female term would be "schlickity schlick schlick."

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fappjack meaning and definition

Bryce champlins little penis with no a skin because he jacks off to much 💄

fareeda meaning and definition

the art of sexiness..... being able to do sexy things and look hot

farang meaning and definition

A generic term for any White man who has a fetish for Asian women. Typically the White man assumes that the Asian woman is "exotic" and "submissive". Often, the White man is someone who is unable to score a White woman and thus tries his luck with Asian women. Thanks to the "S.H.A.B." and "Farang-lover" phenomenon, he is often successful. The word originally derived from the Thai word for a White man but, since Thailand is famous for White men who vacation there to score Asian women, it has come to denote any White man who has an Asian woman fetish.

farfanoogin meaning and definition

farfanoogin is a meaning for a swear but u dont wanna say a bad word--or either a dumb word u say to make people piss there selves

Farfanoose meaning and definition

1. A mexican's foreskin that is so excessive, a significant hood dangles from the penis when limp. The hood usually hangs an inch or more past the shaft, resembling a dried up nightcrawler.


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