ficsexual meaning and definition

ficsexual meaning

Someone who is only attracted to fictional characters from books, TV shows, or movies.

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Ficspace meaning and definition

The state of being completely emotuonally and mentally invested into a fanfiction. The world around you becomes unimportant or completely not there and all that matters is the characters and plot of the fanfiction. Real life outside of the fanfic seems non existant. Could possibly feel as if ones self is the character in the fic or they are watching the scene play out before them. Once fanfic/chapter is over the reader may feel an extreme emotional connection with the characters (feeling what the character has just experienced) or a complete disconnect with the world (scrambled thoughts, disoriented, confused, longing for the next chapter or more of a finished fic, emptiness, etc.)

Fictanom meaning and definition

Verb or Noun To attempt the eating of a meal or snack while reading a delightful book. Often occurs while studying.

Fictating meaning and definition

Adoption of the mannerisms, speech, or current attitude of fictional characters after exposure to them, no matter if in book form, or movie, or television. Almost always unintentional, it is usually realized suddenly, "I'm acting like "insert fictional character" right now."

ficticous meaning and definition

relating to things that are fake.

fiction meaning and definition

At least half of what your recruiter told you before entering military service.