fill a cave meaning and definition

fill a cave meaning

To fill a cave is to have a big steamy shit, about the size of a bag of sugar! The name comes from the time two marine explorers in greece came among a cave whilst swimming. The decided to try and venture in only to find a huge steamy shit in the cave.

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fillacial meaning and definition

Fillacio ending in cumming in a girls face ( fillacio + facial)

fill-a-cup meaning and definition

The act of ejaculating into a cup.

Fillak meaning and definition

A chap indigenous to a crumbling city, whose indulgences include smut, gambling and intoxicants.

fill a milkjug meaning and definition

to diarrhea uncrontrollably until its enough to equal the anmount of milk in a 4-litre milk container.

Fillange meaning and definition

To move your pointer and middle finger back and forth. (usualy after being in your mouth)