GBK meaning and definition

GBK meaning

To feel very sad and very lonely.

GBK meaning

Girl Boner KillGBK is an adjective used to describe a man or women or situatuion that killed your girl boner.A "GIRL BONER KILLER" is when something good is about to, or is happening and all of a sudden it turns out to be bad. Its another way to express your hopes being let down.Someone that is so ugly and repulsive that when they walk into the room any girl who had an A Girl Boner immediately goes flacid.

GBK meaning

The name given to the group of the most bad-ass mc's in the north eastern suburbs. The GbK(Ghetto buster krew) consists of about 20 people dj zaf, big j, mc nemisis just ot name a few. the gbk's hood ranges from about macleod to where xtian lives (westgarth)

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GBML meaning and definition

Gang Bang My Life - When one is being banged by a gang through his/hers entire lifespan.

GBU meaning and definition

Short for God Bless You.

GCB meaning and definition

Goodbye Cruel Board (noun): A thread posted in which the thread starter announces they are leaving and never coming back so that everyone will feel obligated to beg them to stay and give their self esteem a boost. The person has no intention of leaving and really just desires a thread or two of pampering.

GDF meaning and definition

A group of selected individuals collectively dedicated with the idealism of family, community, freedom, love, risk taking, most importantly, music. People that have broken free from the materialistic judgmental world to tour around the world with other like minded individuals sharing the belief of love helping out their fellow brothers and sisters. Often selling cheap food, clothes, jewelry, rocks and other nick knacks to live in a free enterprise economy and to support themselves throughout the year. an underground community that serve everyone taking on the responsibilities of each member as a whole and making sure that everyone is taken care of, striving to live a life that is righteous and free. Often people will claim GDF and will not be, but these people are always eventually found out about.

gdk meaning and definition

Fuck a bitch ass GD. Means "killa of GD"