Gaijin Smash meaning and definition

Gaijin Smash meaning

A technique used by foreigners, or gaijin, in Japan in order to impose their will on the japanese.

Gaijin Smash meaning

1) When a gai-jin, foreigner, breaks Japanese cultural conventions intentionally or mistakenly, and then ignores anyone who tries give a reproach for their behavior.2) Pretending not to understand the Japanese language and intentionally speaking bad Japanese to get out of any situation.

Gaijin Smash meaning

The willfull breaking of Japanese convention rules by one who is not Japanese (a forigner cf. a gaijin)

Gaijin Smash meaning

To art of getting away with douchebaggery in Japan and being an ignorant obnoxious foreigner by simply pulling a gaijin smash on their Japanese asses when the shit hits the fan

Gaijin Smash meaning

Is used to refer to the prowess and power of foreigners or gaijin currently visiting Japan. Also, it appears when a wapanese person describes their activities or what they want to do in Japan.

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A Japanese term for a foreigner. Literally "foreign country person", it has been accepted as more formal and politically correct than gaijin which in some cases could be viewed as an insult. Gaikokujin is not offensive and is simply a term to describe foreigners, Caucasians in particular.

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