Galder meaning and definition

Galder meaning

Guitarist for Dimmu Borgir. Has a funny looking porno-moustache.

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galina meaning and definition

a girl who makes you have extreme boners. when you see a galina you will want to fuck. a galina is the kind of person you will never really get to know because all you can think about when you see her is fucking her.

galloping crud meaning and definition

A particularly nasty, crusty, fast advancing rash or skin eruption. For some reason it appears to strike only chrome-plated, 360 degree assholes, while leaving the virtuous unscathed. By so doing, it restores ones faith in the mysteries of life.

Galloping Ghost meaning and definition

The act of having rather animated doggy-style sex whilst wearing the bedsheets (preferably white) over your head; this gives the appearance of a ghost riding a "galloping" mount.

Galloping Giraffe meaning and definition

A sex position in which one person stands up, one lays down on their back, legs in the air. and the top thrust while running

gallowfaggotize meaning and definition

tr.v.- 1) to show the faggotyness in a motha fucka. 2) the ultimate dissing action to a pussfag motha fucka 3) anything related to G.F.G n.- gallowfaggot, gallowfaggotizer, gallowfaggotization