Gammon Flaps meaning and definition

Gammon Flaps meaning

Used to describe a nasty pussy.

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gandu madarchod meaning and definition

Roughly translates to gay motherfucker. Used primarily in India and Bangladesh.

gangbang meaning and definition

When I get fucked by 6 or more guys at once.

gangbusters meaning and definition

Gang Busters was a famous radio program that was first heard in 1936 and aired until 1957. The sound effects of police sirens, tommyguns, and screeching tires that opened the show were dramatic and exciting -- this inspired the expression 'coming on like gangbusters'. Usage has opened up to describe things that are not just exciting, but successful, intense, and many other adjectives, and many drop the 'coming on like' prefix. I think we should be more careful about how we use it, and keep it true to its origin -- something that starts with much excitement and drama is 'coming on like gangbusters'.

gangly meaning and definition

Something that hangs or dangles in any way, it also might jiggle while its dangling... that makes it extra gangly. A proboscis monkey is gangly, male genitalia is gangly, sagging breasts are gangly, anythythng fun is gangly!

Gang Rape meaning and definition

An act which 5 out of 6 people participating enjoy.