Gitchee gitchee goo meaning and definition

Gitchee gitchee goo meaning

Gitchi Gitchi Goo means That I Love You - From the song by Phineas and Ferb

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GiT GuD meaning and definition

A phrase used in mockery by no-life social rejects for expressing their superior ability concerning a particular video game, so they have something to feel good about.Usually used to dismiss invalid as well as valid complaints about a video games' difficulty level or cheating.

give it a try meaning and definition

make an effort to achieve a result, as hard as it may seem to be successful.

Give it away meaning and definition

a sweet song by rhcp that was a hit on their cd blood sugar sex magik or to give something away

Gizmodo meaning and definition

tech website with reviews and things that are important to the people that read it

gizzed meaning and definition

When you fuck a woman, and you cum in your hand, and then you slap her (I mean really smack her) with the cum soaked hand.