Gitcoon meaning and definition

Gitcoon meaning

The word Gitcoon is a phrase tossed around between citizens of Adlington, and not many know what it means, but between the aggiers its a word to show your a full on twat. Git-Coon.

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git crack meaning and definition

a really short person who decides to snoop around every one's business.a midget who believes they are on top of the world.

GITD meaning and definition

An awesome band consisting of the members: Luci, Lindsay, Cassidy, Logan, and Zach. They have a song called One Day that will be released soon.

git da guts meaning and definition

slang for a male person to place his penis inside of a female persons vagina and proceed to pump said penis in & out increasing in both speed and friction. Male must possess sufficienct length as to "bottom out" and hit guts

git dat note face meaning and definition

The look that rock guitarists have when they try hit difficult notes on their guitar. A scrunched up look to the mouth and eyes as you are trying to do something difficult. Happens to non-guitarists when trying to defecate.