game over meaning and definition

game over meaning

The situation you are in if your dropship crashes and leaves you stranded on a planet full of nasty extra terrestrials.

game over meaning

when you get married

game over meaning

A sure sign that the game just kicked your ass...

game over meaning

The alternative to You Are Dead! in games that are not Resident Evil

game over meaning

a situation has ended unsuccessfully

game over meaning

when u have lost the game usally runing out of lives.

game over meaning

the feeling of remorse and disorientation experienced after a long session of heavy video game playing; analagous to hangover

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game sense meaning and definition

A term coined by the gaming community to describe a player's prediction and deductive reasoning abilities.

Game, set, match meaning and definition

In a heated debate, your side makes a point and then a counter-point is made by the opposing team. You dish out another point only to be countered by....nothing. If enough time goes by and no valid counter-points have been made, or nothing has even been said, then it's time for you to say, "game, set, match."There's been over 8 seconds of silence from the opposition. You've won. Celebrate.Synonymous with: For the Win. To school.

Gamespy Arcade meaning and definition

A wasteland where signs of life are scarce and good help is even more scarce. They're ocassionally some bots there, but they have nothing to say to you or any body else for that matter.

gamil meaning and definition

The on-screen appearing result of typing '' Gmail '' in a careless and speedy way

Gammon Flaps meaning and definition

Used to describe a nasty pussy.