gitchiest meaning and definition

gitchiest meaning

coolest; the balls; the fucking shit (: best best thing on the planet!

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gitchobutt creature meaning and definition

It is the dirty old men that ride busy trains during rush hour in Tokyo. They try to feel of young girls butts.. They get on the crowded trains because there is nothing the girl can do. She is trapped. Gitchobutts are nasty, vile creatures and will get a girls butt at any chance.

gitchy meaning and definition

Sexually anxious; mildly aroused or turned on

gitchy goo meaning and definition

The little patch of skin that peaks out under a shirt if the belly is too big to be adequately covered or if the shirt is riding up. Named because when you see it you just want tickle it and say gitchy goo.

Gitcoon meaning and definition

The word Gitcoon is a phrase tossed around between citizens of Adlington, and not many know what it means, but between the aggiers its a word to show your a full on twat. Git-Coon.