Häagen Dasz meaning and definition

Häagen Dasz meaning

1. n. - the act of eating ice cream out of a woman's vagina or anus. v.: to Häagen Dasz syn.: Ben & Jerry's (homo)

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haagen dazs meaning and definition

Kick ass ice cream of all time. Made with real ingredients but expensive as hell.

Häagen-Dazs thighs meaning and definition

A cosmetic condition that has the ghastly symptom of producing thighs that have expanded to an obese and plump size from to much dairy fat. This is a precurser to the sever cosmetic condition of cottage cheese thighs.

Häagen-Dizaster meaning and definition

Describes an unplanned catastrophy whereby you are asked to hold a tub of luxury ice-cream (any flavour) whilst receiving a mind-blowing pleasuring of the oral variety.......once regaining consciousness, you realise you are lying in pool of "gelato"....and it aint man-goo!!!!No...it's a fcuking Häagen-Dizaster!!!

Haapala meaning and definition

A name found often belonging to someone of the Finnish nationality. -In the Michigan U.P or Finland.

Habanero meaning and definition

N- The hottest pepper ever and an excellent weapon for revenge, getting rid of tastes, or killing a few taste buds.


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