Habeeba meaning and definition

Habeeba meaning

The you say "My Love" to a guy in the Arab language.

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Habeebah meaning and definition

Habeebah- Means "My Love" in arabic. Its also a name of a girl who is smart and also street smart at the same time. Shes loves to party, dancing shaking her nice butt and hangout with friends. Shes the one that sticks out from her friends no matter if its her height, smile, or personality. She has a perfect body. you know that 36 42 36. Habeebah really cant be defined to much because shes an open book.. their is always something new about that Habeebah. Nickname is usually "Bebe" or "BeeBee"

habeeb cisse meaning and definition

Habeeb cisse, a short shirtless african american child, who appered in the viral vine "21". Habeeb is in either the 4th or 5th grade. He has recently run away because everyone was making fun of him, and left a note with appalingly bad grammer.Person 1 "yoo stupid" Habeeb "No I not" Person 1"Whats 9 plus 10?" Habeeb"uhh, 21?" Person 1"yoo stupid!"Here is Habeeb's note he left: I tired of everyone lafing (laughing) at me, I running away forever now. If yu (you) ever want to find me, the only clue I leaving is 21.

Habeebee meaning and definition

1. An Indian person, typically having a very bad accent.2. A person that has a laser guide, big pimple, cut forehead, Hindu dot, or a makeup malfunction in between their eyebrows.3. Any American racist against other Americans

habeebian meaning and definition

A person of some middle eastern decent. No really sure what decent they may be, but somewhere from the middle east, Iraian, Indian, Afganistain, Iraqian?

Habeebie jeebies meaning and definition

Noun, the feeling you get when you don't know that there's an Indian person around and you just feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up


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