Habey meaning and definition

Habey meaning

(Hah-Bay) used as a code word to invite your friends to smoke marijuana. Used while in class and in front of teachers to disguise your fun day ahead of you. Habey the day away :)"Hey mane you wanna habey" "hellllll yes" "Grab the incredibowl and lets get on this !!"

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Habgin meaning and definition

A verb, To habgin is a female activity in which one gather's their girlfriends together for a pillow fight in their underwear. This may also be done by males, but not often.Habgin is also what happens when you type too fast and don't spellcheck and your friends collectively decide to embarass you on urban dictionary.

habiba meaning and definition

The meaning of Habiba is beloved, sweetheart or loved one, and it's incredibly accurate. A Habiba is a stunning human being, with a brilliant sense of humour and a personality that reminds you why it is a pleasure to be alive.Habiba can make you laugh when you've had the worst day. You can talk to her as though you've known her your whole life, and trust her with anything. Habiba's are beautiful creatures, and if you know one then hold on! You feel that the world is a brighter place simply by talking to her. She is the kindest, most genuine individual, who you can be yourself - no matter how ridiculous that is - with, and an absolute honour to have in your life :)

habibi meaning and definition

I just want to add, as is often the case, Hebrew has the same or similar word. In Hebrew, habibi means, my beloved, and has come to mean that, in a more relaxed way. either like myboo, or my homes, whatever. It's one of many many shared words in the two languages. love to all.

Ha Bisky meaning and definition

(See Also: Ha-Bisky, HaBisky) Ha Bisky is both a noun, verb, adjective, and exclamation. It can be used to replace any word in a sentence, though it doesn't exactly translate into any one word (see example).Ha Bisky was originally coined by AngryFilmsProduction, RSR #30: HA BISKY on Youtube.

habistopfry meaning and definition

the need to stop and fry somthing


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