Hackulostellar meaning and definition

Hackulostellar meaning

Hackulostellar is a term defining a feeling of great success in gaining access to a very secured and special thing.

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hackuracy meaning and definition

hack·u·ra·cy n. 1. Auto-Precision; exactness with hacks. 2. Using downloadable hacks or aimbots to aim for you in a FPS game. See also: haccuracy.

hacky sack meaning and definition

a hacky sack is a small bag, made of different fabrics, filled with beads or sand. the players try to keep it up by hitting it with their legs. a game that is usually played by stoners.

Hades meaning and definition

The Lord of the Underworld and brother of Zeus in Greek mythology. Commonly used as an alternative word for "hell," but the Pit of Tartarus was hell and Hades was the one who ruled over it.

had it not been for meaning and definition

Had it not been for means "only because of" something. Literally it means, for anything other than it, it wouldn't


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