Hana meaning and definition

Hana meaning

Irresistible. Insanly beautiful. The cats meow. Comes from the word HELLARIOUS. She makes you laugh.

Hana meaning

Hana, Japanese for "Flower" or "Nose"

Hana meaning

Insane, out going, unique, individual, honest, loyal, though loves to bitch, will make you laugh, low self esteem and average confidence. dislikes fakes, people who judge and people who over exaggerate the truth.

Hana meaning

noun (ha-nah) 1. Korean word for One. 2. Japanese word for Flower.

Hana meaning

Pronounced (hawn-A)Not Hanna or Hannah etcA beautifully simple name with ample meanings in varied languages. Korean-the number one Chinese-the color white Japanese- nose or flower Hawaiian- to work hard

Hana meaning

a super swaggie lil fricker

Hana meaning

Smiley and pretty in everyway, smart, keen interest in asians and the korean people and culture. The name hana itself means 'blossom' in japenese. Enjoys her food although not fat, amazing at singing and intends to be famous. Likes cats and other small animals. Sometimes grumpy, apart from that altogether brillaint :)

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Hanaa meaning and definition

Arabic word meaning bliss, felicity; used as feminine name.

Hanaa Hammered meaning and definition

Getting intoxicated to the point of no return.

Hanaan meaning and definition

The most unique person and name you can find. Hanaans tend to be sarcastic but amazing. They are very talented in what ever they do and ladies love them. If you ever meet a Hanaan in your lifetime, be grateful for such a rare experience!

hanabada days meaning and definition

During the age of youth. Young childhood. When you were a child and you had boogers dripping down your nose.

hanabata meaning and definition

A Japanese term that is used in Hawaii a lot meaning "boogers", literally meaning "nose butter" in Japanese.


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