habeebian meaning and definition

habeebian meaning

A person of some middle eastern decent. No really sure what decent they may be, but somewhere from the middle east, Iraian, Indian, Afganistain, Iraqian?

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Habeebie jeebies meaning and definition

Noun, the feeling you get when you don't know that there's an Indian person around and you just feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

Habel meaning and definition

the hairs around the outside of a nipple

Haber meaning and definition

Usually found in America, Haber's are usually outgoing, inspiring, and awesome individuals.

Haber Syndrome meaning and definition

The obsessive loving or lusting of men with the last name of "Haber" and seducing oneself to make the man fall back in love with you. Red-heads are most likely to be harmed by this never ending disease that takes over one's everyday thoughts. Listening to Tom Petty is the only temporary cure.


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