habit meaning and definition

habit meaning

shit your mad used to doing.

habit meaning

a new trend that will last.

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Habitarian meaning and definition

A person (or entity) who does what they have always done, whether or not it makes sense or is logical. A habitarian's favorite explanation is "because we've always done it that way." A habitarian does not only NOT think OUTSIDE the box--a habitarian does not think INSIDE the box, or anywhere else!

Habitat For Humanity meaning and definition

The largest homebuilder in the city of Atlanta.

habitat for humility meaning and definition

What church sould be, but often isn't.

habitation meaning and definition

A home. Introduced in 1995 by musician extraordinaire Beck.

Habitat skateboards meaning and definition

skate brand that makes fuckin awesome decks, and wheels that started in 1999.


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