habitation meaning and definition

habitation meaning

A home. Introduced in 1995 by musician extraordinaire Beck.

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Habitat skateboards meaning and definition

skate brand that makes fuckin awesome decks, and wheels that started in 1999.

Habitch meaning and definition

N. a person that causes a grievance or disservice by doing something in a habitual manor V. the act of causing a grievance or disservice by doing something habitually

habitchual meaning and definition

The nature of having a habit to be a generally rude and unpleasant person, or bitch

Habit Conversion meaning and definition

When, in a normal occasion, you would say something habitually. But every once in a while, something happens that's just too important for you to pay attention to whatever happened, preventing you from saying what you would say back. Most of the time though what caught your attention isn't really important

habitized meaning and definition

Becoming one with the habit


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