hacky sack meaning and definition

hacky sack meaning

A fun, yet addicting game played with your legs. Played in a circle with as much people as possible, the general goal is to have everyone kick the sack before it hits the ground; a hack. once that gets boring you can freestyle. Celebrate Hacky Sack Day

hacky sack meaning

A Hacky sack is a small bag filled with small pebbles or beads that is used to play a game with your feet. The object is to keep the Hacky sack in the air and off the ground for as many hits as possible and try to have everyone in the hack circle to hit it at least once. Once you are good enough you may attempt tricks such as behind the leg, around the world, stalls, ankle breaker, up and over, etc. There are also a variety of other gmaes to play with a hacky sack such as Killer Hack- a certain amount of people must touch the hack and then anyone can grab it out of the air and whip it at another person in the circle. If you are hit you are out for that game. Power Hack- Everyone tried to hit the hacky sack as high into the air as possible, and make amazing saves to keep it going. 4 Square- Normally played with hands and a large ball that bounces, the rules are very similar but you play with a hacky sack and your feet. If you let the Hacky sack land in your square you are out and someone new comes in. Hacky sack is a sociable game and can be thought of as a minor sport, no doubt that this game will eventually make it to the olypics as many irregular sports/games have. I dont know if there will be many competitors though because many hackyers are stoners, and you are not allowed drugs during the olympics.

hacky sack meaning

Best time killing game ever invented and is very usefull when trying to fuck with teachers ect. at school.

hacky sack meaning

A tool used to get you assaulted and handcuffed by an officer for playing with while waiting for a train.

hacky sack meaning

a hacky sack is a small bag, made of different fabrics, filled with beads or sand. the players try to keep it up by hitting it with their legs. a game that is usually played by stoners.

hacky sack meaning

A great time killer at my school where we dont want to eat lunch or go into the commons with the damn preps. NOT JUST PLAYED BY POTHEADS!

hacky sack meaning

A hackysack is a small, usually woven fabric ball with some kind of filling that makes it soft and flexible. The game of hackysack is usually played by standing in a circle and taking turns kicking the ball with one's feet/legs. The ball is passed to other people in the circle, and the idea is for everyone to kick it without the ball touching the ground. Because hackysack players are often found at varying skill levels, in practice this is more challenging than it sounds unless you have an experienced group of people playing. Other variations of this game can be found as well. Hackysack tends to be identified with stoners], hippies] or wanna-be hippies, and the like, but in reality these stereotypical groups are not the only people that play it. If you've got time to kill, it can be a fun game for anyone.

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