hacor meaning and definition

hacor meaning

Kick ass org

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Hades meaning and definition

The Lord of the Underworld and brother of Zeus in Greek mythology. Commonly used as an alternative word for "hell," but the Pit of Tartarus was hell and Hades was the one who ruled over it.

had it not been for meaning and definition

Had it not been for means "only because of" something. Literally it means, for anything other than it, it wouldn't

hafada ladder meaning and definition

A series of piercings running along and perpendicular to the crease of skin in the center of the scrotum. Can be accompanied by a frenum ladder and/or a gouche ladder

hafass meaning and definition

Someone sitting on anything with one buttcheek.

HAFAT meaning and definition

An expression known in the Canadian Forces to describe the elite members of the Ammunition Technician trade. The accronim HAFAT means "Hard as Fuck Ammo Tech" which is a name known to decribe a section within 2 Service Battalion. The deserving members of Ammo Pl receive the status of HAFAT upon sucessful intergration into the platoon.


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