hanabi meaning and definition

hanabi meaning

Japanese for fireworks

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hanabuddah days meaning and definition

Word used in Hawaii that refers to one's childhood. Derived from the Japanese word "hana", meaning 'nose', and the English word "butter", which in spoken in Hawaiian pidgin can sound like 'buddah.' So Hanabata Days are the "nose butter" days, or the days when we had runny noses. Can also spelled Hanabata Days.

hanabusa meaning and definition

a japanese name hanabusa, meaning "petals of flower"

Hanada meaning and definition

a combination of the words Han-Gook and Canada. Han-Gook is what Korean people call their country. Hanada refers to presence of Korean people and culture in Canada.

Hanadi meaning and definition

Hanadi is another name for drugs. It applies to all drugs. This name gives them a more feminine appeal.

hanadi ayoub meaning and definition

Middle Eastern lesbian made famous for her role in a 2006 adult film. Hanadi Ayoub tongued her way through hundreds of beavers in the film which lasted a staggering 132 minutes.


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