hasagi meaning and definition

hasagi meaning

Yasuo says this when he uses Q

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Haseo meaning and definition

1. The main character in the .hack//GU series. Has anger issues and hates Old Hags. 2. Complete Badass 3. Manwhore

hash out meaning and definition

A twitter session in which people discuss the cool and interesting events and aspects of their city.

hastag meaning and definition

A hashtag that has outlived its usefulness, either by irrelevance or by attracting too much spam to continue on a decent conversation. A combination "has-been" and "hashtag".

hasu meaning and definition

A person who's skill is average yet still has no life

Hate Fuck meaning and definition

To have sex, especially in a rough manner, with someone who one finds physically attractive but personally loathsome. Sometimes abbreviated HF in polite company. Antonym: Tender Lovin' Fuck (TLF).


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