hellevator meaning and definition

hellevator meaning

Terraria slang meaning a 2 wide hole dug straight down from the surface of the world to hell, usually with a small water pool at the bottom to prevent death on impact.

hellevator meaning

when somebody farts on the elevator and you have thirty more floors to go

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hellevator music meaning and definition

Hellishly atrocious elevator music, especially music overreaching for cuteness or profundity.

hellip meaning and definition

A lump of semiliquid substance, typically a mixture of saliva and mucus coughed up from the respiratory tract as a result of infection or disease.

Hell Yeah meaning and definition

a expression used by Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWe.

Hell yeah dude meaning and definition

A phrase (coined by Rory Donohoe) used as an alternative to the word "yes". Usually spoken in a joyful tone.

Hell Yeah, Fuck Yeah meaning and definition

The ultimate way to agree with someone having said "Fuck yeah" in a conversation. Simply saying "Hell Yeah" to their previously stated "Fuck Yeah."


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