I potato you meaning and definition

I potato you meaning

I potato you is between I like you and I love you.Due to the lack of a good english word to represent the stage between a crush and love, potato has developed as an inbetween word.Potatos start small and grow representing the growth from like to love.like love crush relationship

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Ipso Facto meaning and definition

"To the fact" in Latin. Just an official way of saying "facts". To affirm something."

ipswich meaning and definition

An obscure town on the northern coast of Massachusetts with nothing to do in it which means everyone just smokes a bunch of weed and gets smashed all the time... works for me.

i raf, i ruse meaning and definition

Derivative of the game "you laugh you lose." In "you laugh, you lose" the object is to do something funny. If someone else laughs, they loose. "I raf, I ruse" is either A: a chinaman stating the fact that he/she laughed and lost, or B: a chinaman, not understanding the concept, repeats the game name replacing "you" with "I".

iRage meaning and definition

A freeware product from Apple that will allow the access to a ferocious tantrum with the touch of a button. It's like setting off a bomb in some instances and is included in the bundle with any modern communications technology purchase. Microsoft might have put it on the market first but, there were problems with the marketing people and the name of their version; 'This stupid ass fucking machine fucking computer bullshit mother fucking thing is going out the window' wasn't seen as a marketable direction at the time.

Iraqi lap dance meaning and definition

The act of cutting off a persons legs just above the knee and placing them on the individual's lap while he or she is in the sitting position to make it look like they are giving themselves a lap dance with their own legs.


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