IACS meaning and definition

IACS meaning

a public charter school that spans from 5th grade to the current highest class of 11th grade. a school with awkwardly young teachers, too much homework, and the kind of lockers you find at a bowling alley. sports teams that are not recognizable by a division, and full of wacky students who skip, frolic and step pop pop down the halls while singing kinky songs....

IACS meaning

Indonesian Airborne CalvaryWhen Indonesia is under attack, they send in their special forces, horses flying out of planes.Nuff said.

IACS meaning

An abriviation for "I Am Cute." A term used by net-junkies or as a T-shirt logo for the web comic "Megatokyo." Generally used by cute, peppy girls who also fancy sayings such as "Too cute to be yours," "Somethin' Sweet" and "Cutie Pie."

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i adore you meaning and definition

Miley cyrus's way of saying im desprate for a boyfriend, i need u!

iaebc meaning and definition

it aint easy bein cheesy this was a cheetos brand commercial that ran with the slogan it aint easy bein cheesy

IAFDA meaning and definition

acronym for I'm A fucking Dumb Ass. I.A.F.D.A

Iafwub meaning and definition

I ain't fucking with you bitch

iag meaning and definition

An acronym that stands for "It's All Good".


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