IBG meaning and definition

IBG meaning

In-boxy goodness Pictures or videos that are sent to someones inbox which usually contain images of the sender nude or partially naked.

IBG meaning

Used as an insultive discomforting when someone is after sympathy

IBG meaning

Means : I'd be gutted. Used by people at McDonalds when they have to do stuff like clean the toilets or serve some prick customer.

IBG meaning

I'd Be Gutted, When somthing bad happens to one of your mates, but you dont really give a shit.(mainly used on the internet)

IBG meaning

Instant Boner Giver- a girl that immediately gives u an erection when u look at her

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Ibis styles hotels meaning and definition

A common hotel chain in Europe that is located near city centers. They spend alot of money on the "style" part of the name but not alot on functionality of things. Bathrooms are small and showers will cause the entire floor to get wet. They don't have a slogan but should be "Twice the style for half the functionality"

ibiza meaning and definition

A place that needs nuking during the summer holidays to help alleviate the queues in the UK dole offices.

ibot meaning and definition

ibot is one of the sexyer bots on the irc server called SWIFTIRC he uses mIRC for his scripts they are Runescape/NonRunescape based So Everyone loves him =)

i bought this bish meaning and definition

when you buy somthing and its yours

IBP meaning and definition

International Bullshit Program


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