Iain meaning and definition

Iain meaning

iain's are very creative people.pretty dirty minded good sense of humour with good looks awesome personality usually a lover of kittens good hair iain's are good for going on walks with. in a word - perfection

Iain meaning

Term of endearment for those in possession of extraordinary cunnilingus skills

Iain meaning

Another way to spell "Ian"

Iain meaning

1. a super nice guy 2. always up for a laugh.3. can be slightly terrifying4. will always help you find the silver lining!5. a guy who spells his name in a slightly odd way 6. THE KING OF COOL 7. can also be called Dr cadet sergant slagmuffin monkey man.

Iain meaning

1) A sister from another mister. 2) One of the best people I know. 3) A little bit of a hottie :) 4) my snuckles buddy 5) mr happy

Iain meaning

Scottish GaelicMeaning;God is graciousOther names;John

Iain meaning


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Iainsawank meaning and definition

People who are complete fuck ugly, cock sucking , retards with a minuscule penis. If the person says things like "You what ma 7" and "naw mate naw" their definitely a iansawank.

I AINT EATIN meaning and definition

" I AINT EATIN (adj.) - To not be participating in an act due to the lack of importance, interest, or funds.

IAISHA meaning and definition

GODDESS in Hebrew or Woman God or the Feminine aspect of Adam Kadmon(the man 'blue print')

Iaito meaning and definition

An Iaito is a practice sword used in the Japanese martial art, Iaido. Being very closely related to a ShinKen (True-Sword) it has a proper Tsuka, Kosherea, Saya and Tsuba etc. The only real difference (Appart from quality in most cases.) is that an Iaito doesn't have a sharp blade. The blade is usually made from a zinc alloy to stop it corroding and generally is of the same weight as a ShinKen. Remember that swords are not toys and they must be treated with respect and only within a dojo. There is no excuse for missusing a sword.

IAJL meaning and definition

International Association of Jesus Lovers


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