Iakona meaning and definition

Iakona meaning

A Sexy Hawaiian Man also known as Kona. Extremely Handsome with looks of a Greek god. This man is Usually Tall, Dark & Handsome and can make all the ladies panties cream with just the sound of his sexy voice. He also has a personality to match. He is charming, sweet, caring, smart, loyal, kind. This guy is a smooth talker and great in bed he can make you're pussy cream sooner then you can say his full name if you can pronounce it that is.

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ial meaning and definition

Acronymn for "I Actually LOL'd". Best used in conversations where people use "LOL" all over the place, but aren't actually Laughing Out Loud.

I already did meaning and definition

The single most epic phrase ever to be spoken by a human being. You can't explain I already did or understand it, you can only just simply use it. I already did is the answer to anything and everything in life like, "why is the sky blue?", "Why do women hate sex?", and "If you had 37 pies, and half of them taste good, how many do you have sex with?"

I am coming meaning and definition

A social interaction game where some one shouts steven and listen for some one to reply i am coming.

I am coming for you meaning and definition

talk to you argue with you show you give you debate with you

i am dead meaning and definition

If you hear someone say: I am dead, he / she probably means that he / she did something bad and will get in troubleFor example:You are playing football in the backyard with a friend. You shoot the ball straight to a window and you break the glass.You say to your friend: shit! I'm dead!Cause you did something that other people won't be happy about


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