Idaddy meaning and definition

Idaddy meaning

IDaddy is another name for Iphone. Commonly heard in the south.

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idaf meaning and definition

idaf is an acronym. It stands for 'I don't give a fuck' it's just something to use when u don't care about the other person or what he/she did.

Idaho meaning and definition

The land of forests and very clean cities where half of the citizens have never even seen a potato farm. Land where Napolean Dynamite was filmed and we're proud of it! It kicks ass, but you never really learn to appreicate it until you move to some crappy town like Spokane.

Idahoan Potato Masher meaning and definition

A common sex position in Idaho where a man puts a potato into a womans anal cavity and proceeds to pound her ass until the potato is finely mashed.

Idaho City meaning and definition

An old hick town where people only smoke pot and drink. The population is about 500 people.