Ideagasm meaning and definition

Ideagasm meaning

The physical manifestation of an idea so wonderful that it sends waves of ecstasy from the ears to the tips of the toes.

Ideagasm meaning

when a person screams and freaks out about a really fun idea

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idea hamster meaning and definition

Someone who generates ideas (about anything) as tirelessly as a hamster generates squeaks from the hamster wheel. NB, speaks to quantity moreso than quality.

ideaish meaning and definition

Having an idea about something...sorta

idea kraut meaning and definition

someone who rejects a good idea because of someones features such as tit size or erection size or boy or girl

ideal meaning and definition

That which does not ostensibly exist and is futile to achieve yet without which our lives are utterly devoid of meaning.

Ideal Blowjob Height meaning and definition

When a girl is about as tall as the waist of a guy. The height of both people is thus ideal for blow jobs.