Identical twins meaning and definition

Identical twins meaning

Amazing, miraculous human beings. They come from the splitting of a fertilised egg, and look exactly the same. They have the same DNA, so one could commit a crime and frame the other one. (Although this never happens because identical twins are loving, friendly, law-abiding people). Do not confuse with Non-Twins.

Identical twins meaning

identical twin girls(most twins not all, this incudes guys too) are the most loving, spiritual, smart, hot, and caring people you will ever meet. Being a twin is awesome and very lucky because they are definetely a dream bestfriend. Not the typical back stabbing, hypocritical, and turns out to be mean bestfriend all the girls dream of never encountering. As a twin, you think the same and can say the same exact thing at the same exact time(AWESOME!) Also, for all those who talk shit and stereotype twins as bitches and bullies you really have not met twins before because whoever has met twins can tell you so and if you haven't met twins yet, its very cool.

Identical twins meaning

John and michael..they look the same

Identical twins meaning

Two or more people that are exactly the same and/or copy off of one another.

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when someone can't decide how to define themselves.

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The act of believing that disagreeing with someone on certain ideologies equates to them disapproving a particular identity such as one's race, sex, sexuality, religion, etc. rather than the ideology itself. Instead of focusing on the logical aspect of an idea or opinion, identity politics instead believes that a particular identity is opposing all people who belong to a particular identity.

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When someone steals someone else's credit card, and then proceeds to buy tons of stuff and put it ont their account.

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I don't fucking care

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