iCarly meaning and definition

iCarly meaning

Some few years ago... Nickolodeon was going down. Old favorites like Spongebob and Drake and Josh were coming close to an end. It seemed as if they were doomed. However, out of the darkness came a hero. A rescue team, set out to design the perfect teen comedy show, and rescue Nickolodeon. Unfortunately however, an unfortunate mistake occured in the idea room, and the most terrible thing ever created was born...iCarly!!! Quickly, the developers knew it would wreck havoc on its viewers so they stored in an under water cage...2 years ago....A satellite crashed into the ocean, waking the terrible monster iCarly from its deep sleep. It walked out and began terrorizing manhattan. A Holy Shit protocol was activated and manhattan was nuked in an attempt to destroy the iCarly monster........Help us....It's still alive

iCarly meaning

the end of good television

iCarly meaning

Quite possibly Nickelodeons worst attempt at a show aimed at teens. The show mainly consists of Carly and her friend Sam(who Everyone always laughs at for having neglectful parents). There's also a homosexual kid in it named Freddy whos mom is always trying to give him baths and trying to put all kinds of ointments and lotions on him. They make crappy web shows that nobody thinks is funny at all.

iCarly meaning


iCarly meaning

a conspiracy set out by the goverment to force young children between 7-18 to watch crapy Telivison shows due to the downfall in the econemy

iCarly meaning

some gay ass show with some homosexual kids that think making a web show is cool. these faggots need to get a life and make more friends. carly is a little whore that sucks balls at acting and thinks she's hot. sam, a little tomboy bitch who rips on the little raper freddy all the time. freddy, like i said above, a little raper and an annoying cock sucker. carly's grandpa "granddad" is a dick wad that likes to suck spencer's balls and wants carly to live with her in yachma so he can lick her pussy all day, but actually.. spencer is the only cool one cuz he's supposingly 26. that teacher bitch mrs.. um.. i dont remember is a fucking ass skank who likes scottish dancing and a bunch of other shit. thats about it.. so pretty much, what im trying to say is that this show is about some punk ass dickhead who need to get a lives of their own. Oh, i remember now, the skank's name is ms. briggs.

iCarly meaning

a show aimed at young teens whose audience is older pervy males who enjoy watching young girls stick their tongues out, strut in bikini's and act like little tarts.

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