iDabble meaning and definition

iDabble meaning

iDabble is a website that is a supplement to college applications. iDabble is a multidimensional platform that allows the creator to capture their unique characteristics in a way that simply isn’t possible on an uninspiring black-and-white college application. By using Dabblets, which is their term for widgets, users can present themselves in a way that will give them the upper hand when being compared to students who appear almost identical on paper. The ability to add pictures, audio and video will allow applicants to be seen in a completely new and unique way.

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idabelle meaning and definition

Usually the more mature one in the group. Likes classy, antique things like a record player or an old typewriter. Also has an amazing wardrobe. Can be rude sometimes, and may not apologize for it. But you can't stay mad at her for long. When she's not angry about something, she's the coolest person you'll ever meet.

iDad meaning and definition

A father that's only available to bond with his children over the internet or the iPhone.

Idaddy meaning and definition

IDaddy is another name for Iphone. Commonly heard in the south.

idaf meaning and definition

idaf is an acronym. It stands for 'I don't give a fuck' it's just something to use when u don't care about the other person or what he/she did.