idea kraut meaning and definition

idea kraut meaning

someone who rejects a good idea because of someones features such as tit size or erection size or boy or girl

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ideal meaning and definition

That which does not ostensibly exist and is futile to achieve yet without which our lives are utterly devoid of meaning.

Ideal Blowjob Height meaning and definition

When a girl is about as tall as the waist of a guy. The height of both people is thus ideal for blow jobs.

ideal camp meaning and definition

what mr. kohlwes wanted me to present but i didn't present it so now he's so fucking pissed

Idealess meaning and definition

To lack thought. To not have an idea.

idealistic meaning and definition

One who believes that life should be lived as they like. Many hippies and hermits were idealistic, only this is only a portion. Morals may interfere with total idealism, especially if certain things were instilled in one as a child as being "bad". This results in guilt for doing "wrong" things, although some are able to overcome this and live their life to the fullest they think is possible.