identity theft meaning and definition

identity theft meaning

the fraudulent appropriation and use of someone's identifying or personal data or documents, as a credit card. Then using it to spend all their coin.

identity theft meaning

The fraudulent appropriation of someone's identifying or personal data or documents, such as a driver's license, social security number (in USA), medical records, credit cards, etc. and then using that information to fraudulently procure goods and services essentially trading on the victim's good name.

identity theft meaning

The art of cutting off all of someones skin and wearing it over your own. Posing as them, you can turn up at their parents house

identity theft meaning

When someone steals someone else's credit card, and then proceeds to buy tons of stuff and put it ont their account.

identity theft meaning

copying someones style or the way they talk or trying to become friends with all their friends. socially losing your identity and assuming the identity of another.

identity theft meaning

One of the most innacurate myths in U.S. history. In reality, if a credit card is stolen, the business where the criminal spent the funds at, will be hurt, not the card holder. If someone steals your card, and you tell the card company, they will take the money away from the business, not the customer. In turn, the business will lose money, go our of business, or be hurt permanently. However, most people still believe that THEY are the victim.

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