J1W1 meaning and definition

J1W1 meaning

It can also be pronounced as J1Dub1. You can either be afflicted with J1W1 virus or the JWall flu. It's a contagious disease that has befallen most of the UK basketball fan-base, a.k.a. Big Blue Nation (the most legit fans anywhere). Symptoms of J1W1 include random spasms of the JWall dance, sore throat (caused by yelling at JWall's amazingness while watching him ball), headache and/or hearing loss (caused by surrounding J1W1-afflicted fans), chills & bewilderment (mainly when you're in the presence of JWall), and, in extreme cases, skipping work and/or class (because you're still deep in the throes of the J1W1 sickness) AND bleeding from the eyes (because you know no one can ever top what it is that JWall has just done--onset of this symptom is immediate). The J1W1 virus does not only affect the Big Blue Nation, it can also affect opposing players, fans, and/or coaches. This group has symptoms that are radically different than the Big Blue Nation's. They can include scratching of the head (generally will fall in conjunction with Big Blue Nation's chills & bewilderment and sore throat symptoms), vomiting and/or diarrhea (generally will fall in conjunction with bleeding from the eyes of the Big Blue Nation), and, for the players only, BROKE ANKLES!!!To see the first symptom of the Big Blue Nation, the JWall dance: see 2009-10 UK Wildcats Fight Song Remixed To see the first symptom of the opposing players: see Kobe Bryant Broken Ankles KB IV Nike Commercial

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