Jaasome meaning and definition

Jaasome meaning

Jaasome, originaly spelled JAWSOME originated from the Street Sharks mini-series cartoon which aired on TV in 1994. Why would a shark day awesome when they could instead say JAWSOME?

Jaasome meaning

Something that is overly awsome.

Jaasome meaning

Something that is just awesome. Running together these words produces jaasome.

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Jababa Lips meaning and definition

Big lips, that require repetitive licking to stay moist, and are normally of African-American decent.

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A racial term for describing a person born, raised, or resembles a middle eastern race.

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Incredibly fat person. i.e. My mom.

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the classic obese native american woman praying on the drunks at wet t-shirt night.

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the overall winning legendary dance crew on randy jackson presents: americas best dance crew, on every thurs day at 10:00.they face crews of 12 which whoever wins gets 100,000 dollars. facing them, kaba modern,iconic,breaksk8,status quo,fem 5, fysh & chicks,and 5 other crews who are not important because they got voted off immediately:) go JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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