Jabberwocki meaning and definition

Jabberwocki meaning

Portable clitoris.

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jabberwocky meaning and definition

adj. 1. like the Jabberwock. 2. ridiculous, impossible, or nonsensical; quixotic.Unfortunately, Tim Burton's 2010 film "Alice in Wonderland" has perpetuated the misconception that "jabberwocky" is a noun. It is not. The poem exclusively refers to the creature as the "Jabberwock".

Jabbese, or Jabbesity meaning and definition

A slang term used for a person who is extemely obese. Term comes from the name "Jabba", a large monster character used in the Star Wars films.

jabbing meaning and definition

1.the art of hitting on a woman will mild complements and flirtatious words. keeping it short and sweet. never giving her the feeling that she is being hit on, because she's getting jabbed ;)2. small punches that do little to no harm, but gets the job done in a boxing match.3.to get a feel for a woman's personality by asking her simple questions and giving her a clever response to her answer. bitches love when you listen.4. Very short intellectual words, phrases or jokes that leave little to no room for female to think. therefore melting her brain and controlling her every thought. bitches loved being controlled.

jabbita meaning and definition

A word in which can mean a numerous amount of things, and can be used to answer a question; usually pertaining to 'yes', 'no', or 'I don't know'. Often used to confuse a person, or answer indirectly.

jabbles meaning and definition

(noun) jab-les (rhymes with "tables"): A Fiji water drinking, mandals wearing, Elliot Smith listening man-child.


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